There are few finer things in life than Flap, Jack, and Space Invaders, so you can imagine our reaction when Gamerbake contestant Will Blackstock decided to combine all three, creating a symphony of syrupy sweet, golden, gamerbaking brilliance.

After an introduction like that, you’re probably wondering how you can reach such lofty heights. Well, wonder no more, because we’ve got the recipe right here. Prepare yourselves, this one might get messy.


250g butter
500g* oats
190ml* golden syrup
200g* caster sugar

*More golden syrup means the final product will be more sticky + sweet. This recipe errs on the side of having it sticky, to help with the shape and cutting, but not so sweet because that’s not my personal taste. For less stickiness, but the same sweetness, use less syrup and more sugar. Oats add bulk and reduce sweetness. You might have to experiment with this a bit.

Baking Instructions

1. Make your Space Invader template. I did this with a blank piece of paper and a ruler to make a grid of 2cm² squares that was 8×11 (the pixel dimensions of the invader I chose. The others are 8×12 and 8×8). To help guide me, I shaded in the squares that would be part of the invader’s body, including the ‘ears’ and ‘mandibles’. We don’t know if those are the technical terms, but, hey, does anyone really care about Invader anatomy?

2. Cooking time! Preheat your oven to 180°C. Cut the butter up so it’ll melt more easily. If it’s summer, and the butter is essentially a puddle already, you can safely ignore this step.

3. Grease a suitable tin. Mine was 18cm x 32cm. Greasing is really important if you ever want to be able to remove the flapjack, so don’t skip this step. Seriously. No. Don’t.

4. Stick the butter in a large pan. Carefully add the syrup. It’s really hard to measure accurately, so we normally go for about six heaped tablespoons. Start heating the mixture on a low heat.

5. Stir the butter and syrup together. When it’s starting to melt a bit, add the sugar.

6. When it’s all nicely melted and combined, remove from the heat and add the oats. They might seem quite overbearing at first – damn oats – but carry on stirring until everything is nicely coated.

7. Add the flapjack mixture to your tin. Use a palette knife or regular flat-bladed knife to smooth it out and coat the tray evenly. How much you compress the mixture now will help determine the density of your final product.

8. Stick it in the oven for 25-30 minutes. If you’ve got a fan oven, 25 will likely be enough. Keep an eye on it and remove when the edges start to turn golden brown. The centre of the mixture will probably be extremely unstable at this stage. In the words of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – don’t panic! That’s normal.

9. Leave the tray to cool on a rack for several hours until it’s cold. Don’t eat it while the Syrup has all the properties of a Mt. Vesuvius magma flow.

10. Now for the tricky part. Get your template and start cutting with a sharp knife while it’s still in the tray. If there are any breakages, a touch of golden syrup can act makeshift mortar to stick things back together. We found a scooping action with the knife was quite effective.

11. Transfer the completed flapjack invader to a plate with a fish slice and a great deal of care.

12. Serve and enjoy. You done good, kid.