Gamerbake is delighted to announce that everyone will be allowed to host their mini game themed baking event on the 29th September as part of Special Effect’s One Special Day.

Participants in One Special Bake will be given access to all the logos, resources and documents used in a Gamerbake event to help them run their own game themed baking sale or competition..

All the money from the bake will go directly to Special Effect and we are aiming to raise £1000 by hosting 10 bakes across the country. 

If you want to take part in One Special Bake, here’s what you need to do and what will happen next:

  • Submit your details to us using before the 8th September using the form at the bottom of the page.
  • We will then send applicants access to an online folder featuring things like event signage, forms, nutrition cards and other relevant documents to help host the event.
  • Your event will then take place on the 29th September – or the week before it – with all funds being sent on to the Special Effect team.
  • We’ll then tot everything up from all the events with the help of Special Effect to see if we hit our target.

We will be announcing details of an official Gamerbake event taking place in Central London the same day soon, supported by, which we’d love you to support.

Special Effect’s Nick Streeter and co-founder of Gamerbake George Osborn chilling out at Develop

But if you can’t make it to London in September, want to host your own event in your own location or want to top up your fundraising efforts for Special Effect, then this is ideal your perfect chance to. And it doesn’t matter how big it is – whether it’s a full blown jamboree or a small sale during a lunch break, every little helps.

We want the gaming community to share Gamerbake for One Special Day and we hope you can join in the fun.

Want to sign up for One Special Bake? Fill out our application form here.