Has there ever been a Gamerbake entry as colourful as Kat Brewster’s Hyper Light Pixel Cake? That’s the question we were asking ourselves as we tucked into her delectable Hyper Light Drifter inspired creation at Gamerbake Leamington Spa.

And though we couldn’t find an answer to that question, Kat’s cake confidently answered the question of which was the best bake at the event – winning her the grand prize at the event and the all important Gamerbake apron.

So we were naturally totally delighted when Kat said she would share her recipe with us. But we were even more delighted when she sent us through a beautiful hand drawn recipe that we simply couldn’t keep to ourselves.

So here is Kat’s guide to making your very own Hyper Light Pixel Cake. Tuck in, everyone!

Hyper Light Pixel Cake

And if you get it right, it should look just like the cake at the top of the page. Stunning, right?