Anyone who’s followed Gamerbake this year might recognise the name That’s because the streaming highlight specialist has been sponsoring our cakey exploits throughout 2017, ensuring we’ve been able to spend some time doing what we do best: running bake-offs and selling gaming-themed treats to raise money for charity.

Last week we spoke to’s Brand and Community manager, Claire Sharkey, to find out more about our wonderful sponsor, and this week we caught up again to learn why they decided to join forces with Gamerbake (hey, that’s us!) in the first place.

Gamerbake: Why did you decide to partner with Gamerbake?

Claire Sharkey (DingIt): I’ve followed Gamerbake since it’s inception and I entered it a few times. My baking skills range from “that wasn’t too bad” to “this cake embodies all the sadness of the world”. Gamerbake is the perfect way to get involved in something that’s very positive for the community and ultimately an amazing way to support charities like Special Effect. So sponsoring Gamerbake was a no-brainer.

What’s been the most rewarding part about coming on our cake-filled adventure?

Seeing the lead up and results of the event, from people posting on social media and the warm thank you messages we get. It’s rare to have an event that ticks so many boxes and the positivity generated is a great boost.

Why do you think it’s important to help charities like Special Effect? 

Being able to participate in something you love, like gaming and to be happy is a vital aspect of life, that in this day in age we sometimes put on the back burner. Special Effect help people of all ages get stuck into their favourite games and the importance of that can’t be overstated. Being able to help, in any way

How would you explain Gamerbake to someone who knows nothing about the event? 

There’s amazing gaming themed tasty cakes, biscuits and buns. There’s alcohol. There’s lemonade. There’s great people and the whole event helps a wonderful cause. It’s basically the perfect gaming event, if you have a heart.

Before becoming a sponsor, you were an avid Gamerbake yourself. What’s it been like seeing the event grow over the years? 

As a brand it’s been great to see how Gamerbake has evolved in terms of their social media, planning and the wonderful graphics they use. More and more people have found out about the event and gotten involved and I can only imagine that growing in 2018. The events have dedicated cake eaters and bakers each and many new faces, each time I’ve gone.

Do you have any tips for our Christmas judges?

Have some tea nearby, it helps. If you’re channeling Mary Berry, then have gin on hand.

And finally, what tips would you give our bakers? Any sage advice for our festive competitors?

Each event has a theme and if you are especially passionate about that theme, make sure is comes through, because that means a lot. As it’s Christmas, I’d say alcohol based cakes will probably be appreciated.