After a fair bit of teasing, we’re thrilled to finally announce that DingIt TV is partnering up with yours truly to become the head sponsor of Gamerbake for 2017!

What does that mean, exactly? In short, it means that the fine folks over at DingIt will be supporting us at all of our events throughout the year, helping us raise cash for our charity partner Special Effect and ensuring we have the means to keep our cake train running. Huzzah!

In case you don’t already know, DingIt brings together the best gaming highlight reels, creating a smorgasbord of exhilarating eSports video content that’ll have even the most fervent fans rubbing their eyes in disbelief – just like this little ditty. Yep. What you just saw actually happened.

“We’re super excited to be the head sponsors for Gamerbake this year, not just because we’ve attended their previous events as would-be cake glory hunters and cake devourers (basically if Galactus enjoyed lemon drizzle), but because of the team itself and the great work they do,” said Claire Sharkey, brand and community manager at DingIt.

“Being able to support gaming devs who want to promote themselves, cake lovers and amazing charities such as Special Effect is a primary goal for, as we believe in total inclusion in the gaming industry. is the host of wonderful gaming highlight videos from around the world, but we’re also happy to be part of great gaming highlight moments such as Gamerbake.”

Naturally, we’re also thrilled to be working with DingIt, and can’t wait to start out journey together next week with our first bake off of the year, Gamerbake: Let’s Get Retro!, which will be rolling into London’s world-famous Loading Bar on May 12.

Sounds great, no? Well as luck would have it, there are still free tickets available for our retro-themed hootenanny over on Eventbrite. Oh, and it doesn’t matter whether you want to bake something uber-tasty, or just come along and scoff some free cake. Everyone is welcome at Gamerbake. As we always say, the more the merrier!