Gamerbake Christmas, supported by Splash Damage, rounded off the year in fantastic festive style.

Our last bake off of the year brought one and all together in Loading Bar for a proper Christmas party. Featuring tasty bakes, a Christmas raffle with over £500 of swag to win and some Overcooked Xmas DLC, we had a blooming marvellous time fundraising for Special Effect.

But Fitsy Fitscat probably had an even better time than most. Her Skyrim inspired Black Forest Gateau knocked the socks off our attendees, winning her a massive haul of prizes from all sorts of companies.

There was also some rather excellent news from our fundraising efforts too. After totting up the takings from our bake sale, from Jordan Webber’s excellent raffle ticket selling efforts and from a little extra money left to us by Splash Damage, we can reveal that we raised a whopping £568.47 for Special Effect.

That grabs the crown for the highest Gamerbake charity haul ever and takes our total fundraising to the year to £1500 – showing just how much people love cake and supporting ever worthy charities.

We’re off on our Christmas holidays now. But we’d like to thank everyone who attended a Gamerbake this year, every company that supported us to help us to make the event happen this year, all the judges who spared their time to taste cake and all the bakers who spared their time too. You’re the real heroes, so thank you one and all for your marvellous work.

Check out the photos from Gamerbake Christmas on Facebook here.