We’re delighted to announce the three people who will be judging Gamerbake Brighton on the 11th July, which is sponsored by Dingit.TV and supporting Special Effect.

The judges of our wonderful bake off, which is taking place on the first night of Develop Conference, will be:


Johnny Chiodini, Eurogamer

Johnny is part of the Eurogamer video team. He’s also the brains behind Chiodini’s Kitchen, a series where he takes video game recipes, follows them to produce a game themed food stuff and questions whether it was all worth it.

Natalie Griffith, Press Space

Natalie is the CEO of Press Space, a PR company working in the games industry. Natalie has previously worked for Codemasters, Official Nintendo Magazine and Blitz Games and was named one of the Top 100 Women In Games by MCV in 2015.

Kirsty Rigden, Futurlab

Kirsty Rigden is Development Director for FuturLab, a development studio based in Brighton and responsible for the critically acclaimed Velocity series. Kirsty has been running FuturLab since 2010, overseeing production and management of the studio, she also recently joined the board of UKIE in 2015

Want to meet our judges? Or want to enter Gamerbake Brighton to see if you can impress them by turning your favourite game into a baked good?

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