Gamerbake is heading back to the South Coast for the first big bake off of the year. We’re arriving in Brighton at the Side Quest Cafe on Tuesday 10th July to run another of our baking competitions on behalf of the ever excellent Special Effect.

But who will be casting their eyes over the cakes created for our “Feeling hot, hot, hot” bake? Without further ado, here is our esteemed judging panel.

Jordan Erica Webber is one of the longest serving supporters of Gamerbake. A podcast host on behalf of The Guardian, the resident games expert on The Gadget Show and the co-author of Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us (About Life, Philosophy and Everything), she has kindly agreed to run straight from her talk at Develop to taste your bakes.

Chris Bratt is the host of People Make Games, a Youtube channel dedicated to telling fantastic stories about video games and how they get made. Having previously worked at Eurogamer and Videogamer, Chris will be broadening his critical palate for one day only to include cakes, biscuits and all other bakes.

Stevie Ward is Special Effect’s Community Developer. She has previously worked for CCP Games, Multiplay and Activision and is now using all of her experience to support the charity’s essential work. She’s also a strong advocate for a bread based Gamerbake and will likely be impressed by anyone submitting a “Mass Baguette” for judging.

So, do you want to try your luck at impressing our judges? Sign up for your baking ticket to Gamerbake Brighton here.