Gamerbake Brighton 2018 on Tuesday 10thJuly at Side Quest Cafe is just two weeks away. So it seems like a perfect time to announce the first batch of brilliant prizes that we’ve managed to cook up for the event.

The following goodies will go to the winner of Gamerbake.

  • A limited edition copy of Sniper Elite 3 and a copy of Battlezone from Rebellion.
  • A Street Fighter t-shirt from Geekstore.
  • Game codes from The Irregular Copy and goodies from Armor Games.
  • The fabled Gamerbake apron.

All of our bakers will also receive copies of PC Builder Sim – gifted to us by The Irregular Corp – and some extra treats cooked up by the team at Armor Games.

The top prize for our baking hot shots

And any left over prizes will be raffled on the night – including more t-shirts from the Geekstore team and additional game codes – helping us raise even more money for Special Effect.

If you’re a company working in the games business and want to support the event, send us an email to with the subject line “Prizes” and we’ll get it set up.

Or, if you’d like to win big and support our cake sale, sign up for your free ticket to Gamerbake here.