Anyone who’s followed Gamerbake this year might recognise the name That’s because the streaming highlight specialist has been sponsoring our cakey exploits throughout 2017, ensuring we’ve been able to spend some time doing what we do best: running bake-offs and selling gaming-themed treats to raise money for charity.

But 2017 is almost over, and we realised that some of you still might not know exactly what is all about. So, before we see out the year in style at Gamerbake Christmas on December 14 (tickets are free, by the way), we thought we’d sit down with’s Brand and Community manager, Claire Sharkey, to give you the skinny on our wonderful sponsor.

Gamerbake: For those who might not know, what are and

Claire Sharkey (DingIt): Both are part of Level Up Media, and are premium gaming focused VOD platforms. caters to the esport and enthusiastic gaming audience, while is more for those than enjoy casual and console gaming, though there is a naturally an overlap of interests.

What’s your role at the company? How did you get involved?

I’m the Brand and Community Manager and which includes, looking after Sponsorships, Events. I joined the company in 2016, as what Dingit offered as a platform really stood out. I also saw the potential of esport, from previous roles and wanted a position where I could fully utilise my skills and passion and devote myself to the gaming industry.

Why should Gamerbakers come and pay the website a visit?

I’d assume that most Gamerbakers are two things, cake lovers and game lovers. Our platforms offer thousands of videos, with exceptionally fast performance and covering many gaming titles. There’s something for everyone. We also work with many top influencers and esport teams, so you can also find a hub to follow your favourite gaming content creators. You can also follow our blogs and social media to find out about gaming news, how we work with Special Effect and more.

Why did you decide to focus on video highlights?

When first launched we offered eSports live streaming. As we all know, the live space has become increasingly competitive, especially as social and technology needs have evolved significantly in the last few years. As we built out our platform we found a way to complement existing platforms and offer value to both viewers and creators.

When we implemented on-demand video highlights that were high quality, bitesize content that viewers could watch when they wanted, we found a huge demand from both current and new viewers. Over time, this short form VOD content allowed us to reach a much larger audience and the wider gaming demographic while still supporting a whole ecosystem of gamers, creators and fans!

What sets and apart from other similar websites?

We’ve create a vastly filled hub of amazing esport and gaming content from gaming fans and well known esport brands, thus allowing us to expand on our audience and find many interesting ways to cater to various demographics. Our goal is to always provide an inclusive, premium zone and to support creators. By being able to focus on key moments in gaming, it enables us to provide the best promotion and interaction with our audience. We know our audiences’ time is precious, so we aim to give them high quality, effortlessly.

What are your plans for both sites in the future? Do you have any surprises in-store?

We do have some surprises and great updates coming, but we can’t say too much at the moment. We’re delighted with the the launch of this year and the feedback has been amazing.

Do you have a personal favourite highlight? Something that never fails to blow your mind?

It may sound cheesy but I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and I don’t think anyone sits in a position where they can’t constantly learn new things or improve current skills or thought processes. We’ve supported a lot of different sectors in the gaming industry such as Gamescom, Insomnia, MCV Awards, Special Effect, this year alone, which is a wonderful feeling.

What’s been your favourite game to watch this year? And are there any hidden gems you’re tipping for success in 2018?

Hopefully Fortnite continues to grow, as it’s one of the more accessible multiplayer games at the moment. With so many AAA and stand out indie games, I’m hoping we see more ‘out of the blue’ success stories such as Hellblade. That is a testament to how a quality gaming experience can be created, one that seems AAA, though it does not have that gigantic budget.