Make friends, eat cake.
Make friends, eat cake.
Make friends, eat cake.

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What is Gamerbake?

Founded by culinary experts George Osborn and Chris Kerr, Gamerbake is the friendliest cooking themed gaming event in the world… and probably the only one at the moment.

The idea is simple: we come up with a game related theme, you bake something vaguely related and bring it along. Our panel of celebrity – ahem – judges then decide who’s produced the best bake, and we’ll hand out some prizes to the winner. Yay!

Do I really have to cook?

Don’t worry. We understand that, unlike us, many mortals haven’t been gifted with the combined talents of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Heston Blumenthal. If you simply want to come along to make friends and eat free cake, that’s totally cool! Honestly, we won’t judge you, you monster.

What’s more, tickets are free. So if fantastic food, even better conversation, and more calories than you can shake a stick at sounds like your sort of gig, you’ve really got nothing to lose.

TBA – April 2017

Gamerbake is heading to Brighton for the first time ever in 2017. Check back here for more information following a super-exciting announcement. But remember to brace yourself, because this one’s going to be a doozy!

TBA – Summer 2017

We’ll be hosting a very special event to celebrate Gamerbake second birthday! That’s right, it’s been two years since we started out on this crazy year, and here’s hoping those are just the first of many. Will there be cake? You betcha!

TBA – October 2017

As always, we’ll be donning our scariest costumes and taking the cake (ghost) train on the road for a night of terrifyingly tasty festivities. Trick or treat? That, dear friend, is entirely down to you!

TBA – December 2017

Ho ho ho! It’s Christmas time, which means mistletoe and wine. Wait! No it doesn’t. In our world, those sleigh bells mean its time for cake, friends, and a smorgasbord of prizes. Our seasonal party is always an absolute blast, so why not join us this year for a night you won’t forget!

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